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The Grice is Right!

I'm 30 and working in the railway industry in central London, on the legal/property/history/finance side rather than operations. I do not get free travel, but my subsidized season ticket gives me the freedom of London. Now read on…

In my leisure time, I listen to many kinds of music, collect (and endeavour to watch) DVDs mainly of comedy—and sometimes of musical—material, and am very fond of the Internet. I'm 'good' with money (a fact which I'm happy for others to benefit from) and generally well-organized, but not at the expense of a soul, so I've been told. I should cook more, as I seem to be not bad at it.

Despite my love of comedy, I can sometimes take life too seriously and would take a chill pill if not prohibited by my terms of employment. Poetry also interests me—I think it's the rhythm, and I am capable of doing a few impressions and silly voices from time to time, which perhaps explains my enthusiasm for Stella Street. With these interests in mind, two unfulfilled goals are to do a voice post and to write a blog entry in iambic pentameter.

Whilst my tastes could perhaps be described as narrow, this is more due to underexposure than a positive rejection of current trends. I do try to keep up with what 'da kidz' are into, and seem to like quite a lot of mainstream stuff, once I get to see it.

I can often be found browsing in record shops (although I buy more online), going on walks to places I've not been before, and helping my father with his paperwork or ordering Al Bowlly CDs off Amazon (at least I get 5% for this!). When not doing that, I'm doing my own paperwork, or attempting to relax. I get to the theatre when the opportunity presents itself, the cinema about the same, and occasionally go clubbing 'on the scene'. I also like to spend time in pubs, gay and straight.

I'm a non-swimmer and lack stereoscopic vision, making water polo a no-go area. This in part explains my non-involvement in all things sporty since any compulsion was removed from me. The other part of the explanation is probably that I don't like competing, although I'm not entirely sure.

I commute up to London in the week, which gives me some time to read and enjoy music. Usually, it's ambient on the iPod and whatever book has caught my eye, from self-help to Iain Banks.

Computer-wise, I use an Apple MacBook Pro 15" 2GHz, which is a total delight, having been repaired by Apple following some manufacturing defects. Only the fan broke.

If you share any of my interests, or would like to contact me, then please do so. I aim to reply to all messages. All comments are welcome.

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